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You are far more likely to find yourself  `N Good Company. 
~ Jon Dunnemann

At 'N Good Company, we are committed to helping individuals, families and communities with the search for the sacred in life by encouraging and facilitating their regular participation in spiritual activities that can act to;

  • normalize reactions and internal struggles
  • encourage emotional expression, emotional control and emotional comfort by fostering self-disclosure and sharing
  • convey a sense of "control" and "mastery"
  • foster social connectedness
  • promote group cohesiveness
  • encourage transition behaviors
  • nurture meaning-making
  • provide guidance and a framework for coping with stress

As a helper, life skills instructor, blog editor, writer, publisher, and interfaith practitioner and spiritual wisdom seeker my intention is to continuously develop 'N Good Company into a caring compassion industry leader, and existentially empowering non-profit community of practice that understands the needs and desires of others and is able to provide valuable assistance in their finding meaning, purpose, developing personal awareness and core values, and in enhancing self-reflection and self-understanding.

This is the manifestation, identity, passion, and "spiritual intelligence SQ"​ (Wigglesworth, 2012) that is genuinely hoped for.

My past life experience as a foster care youth, athlete, college graduate, residential health care facility administrator, business continuity/emergency preparedness professional, business information security officer, and hospital patient satisfaction manager and patient access representative  has shown me that efforts to successfully achieve positive outcomes and contribute to the betterment of humanity in these most important/consequential areas can be best accomplished through the framework of authentic caring, a goal-oriented coaching paradigm, the active encouragement of the positive expression of other people's unique gifts, talents, and the pursuit of their inner journey of self-exploration in the larger world of their relationships, work or other pursuits which all play a very important part in our living more fulfilling, flourishing, and integrated lives.

Evidence also shows that individuals are better positioned to perform at their best when they are comfortable and empowered by bringing their whole person to their craft or soul quest. A person's work like dance must be a way of being, an authentic way of living and becoming, thinking and learning in the world.

To contact me please feel to email me at Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by and visit The Integrated Person blog today. Come back and visit us here again soon.

Many blessings.

Jon Dunnemann, Founder and Director
'N Good Company, An emerging spiritual enterprise
22 Winding River Court
Lakewood, NJ 08701

"A Compassion Industry Leader."