Spiritual Competency

Flying High

"More than 2500 years ago, Lao-tzu spoke these famous words: A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.

Today I took my first step on my spiritual journey. It is actually my first concious step on the path of my new journey. A new journey full of hope and promise. One where I will endeavour to become what I was meant to be.

Its with most of us. We are in the midst of living our lives, earning money, loving people, seeing places. We experience many new and wondorous things. We use mobile devices, wear large wrist-watches, drive in the car of our dreams; we even write blogs. But do we stop and ask ourselves where we are going?

Its not that I did not know I would have to walk this path. Since the last 6 years, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting afresh; giving myself the chance to see what I can create, what I can set into this world, not just for me, but for others – mainly for others. But I was waiting for the “right moment”. A right moment when either the path would suddenly appear below my feet, or when I would suddenly find myself on it. I even knew that the path I was then on was not the one for me; that the one I was on was picturesque, full of wonderful things bought with money (some of it credit). But it was not what I was meant to be. I knew I would have to step on to another path soon but…

…as Morpheus said in The Matrix, “…sooner or later, you’re going to realise just as I did – there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Today I made the mental move to recognise that I have left the path I was on and am on a new one now. It is not just a new path in my career – I will be moving over to a completely different field; its not just a new path in my life – Its a new path which for me is spiritual. Spiritual because I know its not about the mortal, weak, vulnerable me. Spiritual because the path does not ask me my name or where I’ve been, only shows me where I need to go. Spiritual because I know I am already discovering the true me – formless, nameless, (although still wearing a given name for legal reasons), but one who will create forms and give them new names; one who will define events and not be defined by them; one who will continuously grow spiritually and help others grow; one who will change himself and then his world – for the better.

Spiritual because I have finally understood my fears and recognised my freedoms."


As a "Life Skills Instructor" and "Spiritual Journeyman," it is my sincerest intention to come alongside today's youth at risk and to offer them assistance in an "integrated way" as they seek to derive meaning and purpose in life by keeping a positive view, understanding self and others needs, and through the ability to practice spirituality well, and to live in the moment while taking personal responsibility for how they choose to live their life everywhere that they go.
Practice is the only thing that will lead to success.  
~Sam Harris , author of Waking Up

Here are six practices that I most often encourage youth to explore, in an effort to create and express different aspects of their "inter-being" and to further develop the key skills and awareness needed for one to transition to becoming a spiritually competent person:
  1. Service towards humankind: with caring, hope, kindness, love and optimism (Singh and Premarajan, 2005).
  2. Finding inner peace and calm: by observing and radically engaging in various forms of creative expression (i.e., art, dance, hiking, journal writing, movies, music, poetry, yoga, religious activities and behaviors, or storytelling).
  3. Being vision and values led: by dispelling fear, operating in the world day-to-day with integrity, and by experiencing a sense of purpose and meaning or a calling (Singh and Premarajan, 2005).
  4. Inter-connectedness: establishing the basic feeling of being connected with one's complete self, others and the entire universe (Mitroff and Denton, 1999)
  5. Respect for others: being broadly inclusive, embracing everyone, and treating each person with respect, not only for what they know and can do, but also as human beings (Thompson, 2001).
  6. Self-awareness: through self-knowledge, selflessness, love, personal growth, morality, humility, acceptance, positivity and forgiveness (Freke, 2002)

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