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You will receive free audio downloads of our Evolutionary Collective four-session preparatory course that was given last month. These course sessions are the perfect preparation for the Orientation Intensive and they will be sent to you as soon as you register.

Preparatory Course Topics

  • Session 1 “A Brief History of Human Consciousness”
  • Session 2 “A New Emergence in Consciousness”
  • Session 3 “The Promise of Collective Intelligence”
  • Session 4 “Evolving through Creative Union”


Audio recordings of all four sessions will be sent to you upon registration.

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The Orientation Intensive will awaken you to a new domain of relatedness

Something huge is happening. Over the past decade, many spiritual teachers and visionaries have been noticing that a new realm of possibility in consciousness is beginning to open.

It is a level of consciousness–a 21st century awakening–that only emerges through a new kind of relatedness with one another, and with ourselves.

In other words, working individually does not give us access to this extraordinary possibility for human life. But that’s precisely what many of us continue to do.
We’ve done significant work on ourselves individually. We’ve done all kinds of seminars, workshops, courses, followed teachers, spiritual paths….

You’ve gained insight, understanding and had breakthrough experiences. And now, perhaps you’re yearning for something more, something extraordinary.

Perhaps you’re ready to participate in this new opening in consciousness.

Perhaps you’re ready to unleash new potentials of love and creativity that bring about a fundamental shift in our sense of identity.

If you are, then we invite you to…

Experience the Transformative Power of The Evolutionary Collective

The Evolutionary Collective is a global community of spiritual practitioners led by teaching facilitators Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira, who together have over 6 decades of teaching experience, with over 200,000 people.

Our work with experienced, sophisticated individuals from all over the country’s towns and cities has also made it clear that a new kind of transformative practice is required for our evolving times.

The Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive is a transformative spiritual container and opportunity to enter into a new arena of individual and collective growth.

The the core of this container are the activating principles of Evolutionary Mutuality which generate for its practitioners profound results.

  • The experience of being ‘met’ and ‘seen’ at the core essence of who we are.
  • The dissolution of the familiar sense of isolation and separation.
  • The unlocking of deeper potentials for love and creativity.
  • An spontaneous and irrevocable alignment with your highest potentials
  • Development of precision, fine-tuned, discernment and sensitivity to the field of relatedness and your Self.
  • An inability to compromise anymore about what matters.

Seven Vectors that Define a Particular Location in Consciousness

To locate any point in space you need as many vectors as there are dimensions of space. In a two dimensional space vectors for height and width will locate a point. We have identified seven vectors that pinpoint the space in consciousness that the work of the Evolutionary Collective occurs in. In the Orientation Intensive you will explore all seven of those vectors.

  • The Significance of Uniqueness
  • Discover and explore the mysterious uniqueness that each of us brings to all of our interactions and relationships.
  • The Cultural Self
  • Discover and explore the aspect of each of us that is a function of culture and that affects who we are and how we show up in the world.
  • Courage, Willingness and Acceptance
  • Discover and explore the energetic progression through different levels of consciousness that will generate a field of profound love between people.
  • Working within Emergence
  • Discover and explore the new way of being in the world that replaces manipulation and control with attunement and surrender.
  • Staying on the Inside of our Commitments
  • Discover and explore a way to question everything without stepping outside of our commitments to each other.
  • Improvisational Transformative Poetics
  • Discover and explore a way to express our deepest realizations that is spontaneous, fluid and full of life.
  • The Nine Activating Principles of Evolutionary Mutuality
  • Discover and explore the orientations and practices that activate profound mutuality between us.

These are just some of the results many have experienced in the past through the practice of Evolutionary Mutuality.

We find ourselves in deep contact with others and we develop new capacities for clarity, sensitivity and attunement.

We begin to experience a multi-dimensional awareness that includes the simultaneous perception of our own inner subjective states, the inner states of those around us, and an awareness of a shared space that includes both.

As this shift in consciousness occurs, life on every level begins to transform.
The Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive gives you the experience of a co-creative form of mutual awakening and development that happens together in a community of like-minded spiritual seekers and pilgrims.

This is the new opening in consciousness that many are recognizing and that we are inviting you to, to enter onto that pioneering edge of consciousness today.

Why The Evolutionary Collective Orientation Intensive specifically?

1 – Because Truly Transformative Emergence Is Unscripted

The Evolutionary Collective is a container for relationship designed to hold us at the very edge of our development. It is attracting highly developed, successful and sophisticated people who want the next step. Participants include spiritual leaders, business leaders, life coaches, trainers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, doctors and innovators of all types.

2 – Because we operate outside of a traditional student/teacher paradigm in a truly co-emergent forum.

The Evolutionary Collective is built around emergence.

As we attune to the wisdom that is spontaneously emerging through us a new kind of creativity comes to life and continuous improvisation and evolution takes place right in front of us. This container demands that we enter into a relational environment that is infused with spiritual depth, subtle wisdom, personal excellence and a commitment to consistently move beyond limits.

In a nutshell, we operate outside of a traditional-student relationship. Jeff and Patricia masterfully hold the space and facilitate, creating the powerful container in which they offer their expertise, and ask you to bring your own expertise as a participant.

3 – Because “Real” Is Better Than “Virtual” for Deeper Transformation

The Evolutionary Collective utilizes and encourages online learning. Nevertheless, we also strongly encourage the kind of learning that can only occur in person, together, face-to-face.

We recognize that virtual learning can only take you so far, and that a physical space with a community of like-minded seekers is extremely important for better results and deeper transformation.

And that is precisely what we’re inviting you to.

You are being offered an opportunity to enter into a depth of intimacy that arouses the distinctiveness of who we are and the majesty of who we can be.

Join us. Grow. And bond with your like-minded fellow tribe-members.

Working in mutuality with
two Master Teachers

Patricia Albere is the founder and director of Evolutionary Collective and it’s other offerings.  She and Jeff Carreira began to co-lead the Evolutionary Collective in New York 2 years ago.   Their collaboration ignited a process of awakening between them, which is an living expression of the power of this work.   The level of mastery they each hold informs their work with the Evolutionary Collective, but the living source of the work is their creative partnership and growing spiritual relationship.

Patricia has worked with over 200,000 people in the last 40 years, primarily working with groups.  Jeff has been a spiritual teacher and pioneer in Evolutionary Spirituality and taught and developed programs worldwide for the last 20 years.   They have both developed in depth programs, trained teachers and most importantly worked with dedicated students for 10, 15, 20 years in ongoing programs.  To work effectively with the emergence of a ‘higher we’ space, it is crucial that those teaching and facilitating the work have maturity and mastery in working with individual development.

Their work together is giving rise to an ongoing opening that reveals new potentials and possibilities for growth and awakening. As their own process of discovery deepens the field of the evolutionary collective does as well. Mutuality flows within an authentic exploration of the mystery of collective awakening.