Saturday, January 11, 2014

When One plus One ='s 1

By Jon Dunnemann

It continues to be my strongly held belief, that we each have within us the capacity to act as a "conduit of spiritual energy" or "spiritual conductor," capable of amplifying love and light to the extent in which we can subsequently transfer it to another person similar to the way we refuel our automobiles at a service station. Imagine pulling up alongside someone else for an infusion of vital energy originating from that which is sacred, holy, healing and pure.

At this time, I would like to invite you to join me in collaboratively directing our attention toward better recognizing, connecting with and understanding how an element of universal life energy, "oneness" or divinity might be made transferable not only between human beings but between human beings and other animals as well. The underlying objective is to identify both a source and replicable means by which to change and stimulate health improvement in those with whom we have the greatest relational contact and ultimately to perfect strangers in every sense of the word.

Of course questions that come to mind for me are; 

  1. Is there a possibility of the existence of this perspective which goes beyond rational thinking and objective scientific experimentation?
  2. Can everyone learn how to effectively utilize a "mechanics of spiritual conduction? 
  3. Is this something that only some people are designed to accomplish? 

In the Hospital Emergency Department context in which I work, I make a conscious effort to use prayer, gentle touch, inner emotional attuning and nonverbal behavior to try and manifest a loving-spirit or "loving kindness" within and thereby purposefully orient myself towards the incoming patient in a way that will elicit calm, ease, goosebumps, gratitude, hope, optimism, peace and tranquility, and sharply lessen patient anxiety, fear, and mistrust. Over the course of one year now, a number of positive responses have been observed and often commented upon by my peers and have actually coincided with those instances in which I know that I was very aware, intentional in my thinking and acting, and most importantly spiritually aroused to the extent in which I strongly felt a sense of empathy, happiness, kindness, love, joy, and unconditional acceptance for the other person.
Who among you has far greater experience in these matters, is able to and willing to work with me over the long-term by directing me in my efforts to more scientifically investigate these arousing interactions? I would welcome the prospect of becoming increasing skilled and mature in my understanding of how to more greatly facilitate the best possible outcomes in these intimate patient-centered and spiritually dynamic and hugely engaging interactions. I also believe that this work may have application that transcends the healthcare industry and therefore can be applied to all forms of sentient relationships (i.e., personal coaching, family and marriage counseling, and leadership development and youth at-risk mentoring). 

Thank you and many blessings.

Jon Dunnemann