Monday, March 10, 2014

How Does One Show Abiding Love For Their Neighbor?

By Jonathan Dunnemann 

  1. By transforming yourself into more than fate has allowed.
  2. By consistently connecting to something larger than yourself. 
  3. By selecting profound desires, agencies, and agendas for your life.
  4. By giving a portion of your time and attention to what others are on their way to becoming.
  5. By regularly joining others in deep and meaningful conversation.
  6. By being nurturing and offering praise to others in their efforts.
  7. By always speaking warmly, softly, and slowly to others.
  8. By being present and paying full attention to others when they are speaking to you.
  9. By becoming a good example to others of love, compassion, reasoning, and wisdom.
  10. By collaboratively building solid bridges of hope throughout the community in which you live.
  11. By being strong in your conviction about your own life but also accepting, caring, showing a spirit of gentleness, patience, tenderness, and striving to protect the well-being and safety of others.
  12. By reminding yourself and others to serve only those things that best serve their soul.