Thursday, March 6, 2014


By Jonathan Dunnemann

Yesterday, I began my day where I chose: in emptiness. Quiet, still and able to accept this day as though it were my last.

In this place, I was better able to meet strangers where they were. All had to learn to embrace suffering for the day. I had the honor of being their balm, the Gauze, ice, an ointment, or warm blanket, which needed to be delivered in the moment of initial contact. I wore a smile, I looked them in the eye, I consoled them, I embraced them, and I let the tears pour out both inwardly and outwardly. 

Out of solidarity with others, I gently loved the child with the finger laceration, the young women fighting a grueling eleven round match with lupus disease, applauded the son whose aging father is weathering kidney failure, and kissed an eighty year old volunteer out of gratitude and humility for her fine example, time and time again, of untiring service unto others. 

Altogether, through this I am becoming further healed too. But, how and when did I become the patient? Who knew? Then again, aren't we all sufferers at some point in our lives?

I am thankful for the mysteries which unfolded in my life yesterday. 

And today, jeez what an incredible bonus!