Thursday, April 10, 2014

When Prayer Pours Out Of Me

By Jon Dunnemann

"Reality is not simply there, it must be searched and won." 
~ Paul Celan ~

Oh I simply have to believe that loving prayer is real, powerful and true. Especially, when I stop and look around admiringly at all that humankind has conceived of, designed and engineered.

Then, I can't help but come to see how clearly all of this is still small potatoes by comparison to that from which all of life springs forth.

Why our collective potentiality, when used wisely, is as enormous as a microchip has become miniscule.

When we learn to use the fullness of our hearts as masterfully as our intellect and our imagination then, and only then will we join with the mysterious force that moves mountains, heals the sick, rescues the lost, mends the broken, and produces the corrective vision that humanity is so sorely in need of to better chart its course.

My public prayer tonight, is that these things are true, that they will be made manifest all around us, and that our greatest talents become consciously directed toward creating an over the top kind of nurturing reality. One that we can agree to undividedly work to establish not only for white children, black children, Native Indian children, Chinese children, Latino children but for every child and for the totality of all life forms set here upon this planet.

May we grow to act with immeasurable awe, gratitude, humility and wonder for the blessings that we receive throughout our lives. Lastly, let us appeal to the first cause, creator, universal being, God to faithfully feed the poor, heal the sick, and strengthen the weak that they might too have life more completely, here and now.

Praise to the One that knows us and provides a path by which we may all return home.