Friday, May 30, 2014

Stop, drop and give yourself ten!

Stop, drop and give yourself ten! Ten what? Ten seconds of uninterrupted solitude. 

I know that at this very moment that might seem like an altogether selfish act. However, let me remind you that what this action does is to give you a chance to catch hold of your breath, return to your core values, and then calmly realign yourself with the previously well-chosen mission that you have identified for yourself.

Now begin again, except this time while traveling forward, just FLOW! That's right. Go AHEAD! Don't be scared YOU'VE  GOT THIS! YA KNOW? There you go. STAY THE COURSE!!!

All of us will on occasion simply fall out of rhythm. 

Yes, that's what I'm talkin bout. Just let go and flow!!

You have now got your groove back. You bad. Yeah baby!