Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tell the truth

By Jonathan Dunnemann

Let's stop hiding behind our commonly held assumptions that we know to be unjust and out of step with an evolving humanity.

Not doing that which is just because it has always been that way represents nothing less than a clear and continuing failure of the heart and soul.

The net affect is to remain enslaved to dogma as claimed guardians of the truth.

It is far better to admit that as mere interpreters of the deepest mysteries of life that in some matters we may have actually fallen short, been mistaken or just plain got it wrong in our understanding.

I do not see this to be a reflection on God but rather as a reminder that we must continue to go deeper in our pursuit of spiritual maturity and wisdom. Then, together let us act out of our growth and by doing so begin to create a much better world in which to live.