Monday, July 28, 2014

Something From Nothing

Born out of the upper right quadrant of an urban wasteland. Formed by a poverty of plenty, emotional displeasure, and unbridled anguish. Here I am; the song bird for something from nothing.
They said that it was highly improbable, that it would not be possible, that it could not happen, that nothing good or of great value could ever emerge from the spoils of an illegitimate, tainted, and troubled existence. It was concluded that no seed would take root, or left on its own find the most basic compounds needed to build the structure required to achieve an informed presence. Yet it did happen.

Because this is so, more and more progress continues to be made each and every day. What this proves is this, you may toss me aside, completely disregard my potential but I shall remain intent on finding my way to the light. So long as the smallest fraction of hope rains down upon me, I will conceive of a way to breakthrough the once hardened crust of abandonment, depravity, and violence.

For I declare, that I am the something from nothing.