Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let us always remember to be of One Heart

Though you and I both may become wounded from time to time, do not allow your heart or spirit to be made broken.

There are roughly 17 common emotional wounds that we are likely to face at some point in our lives.

These emotional wounds are really of a spiritual nature, they can greatly deplete one’s energy level, and often extend beyond what we know on the rational, cognitive level, and consist of the following:
  1. ANGER: the need to defend oneself, through attack, against the harshness of this-world experience.
  2. GRIEF: weeping at the separation.
  3. FEAR: the experience of being in danger because of being too small, “too little.”
  4. DISTRUST: not being able to count on any reality as certain.
  5. DESPAIR: giving up the connection to the breath of God.
  6. ANGUISH: the belief in aloneness.
  7. SHAME/HUMILIATION: being embarrassed in front of the whole cosmos.
  8. INSECURITY: the experience of having no solid ground inside.
  9. SELFISHNESS: the fear of coming out to interact with this-world experience.
  10. LOSS: not being able to find one’s own heart.
  11. PANIC: the experience of being suspended in mid-air, with nothing to grasp or hold on to.
  12. INFERIORITY: the belief: “I’ll never be as good as God.”
  13. HATRED: the experience of feeling as though one does not deserve reunion.
  14. INDIGNATION: holding righteousness in response to the lack of dignity expressed for God’s creatures.
  15. RESENTMENT: the wish that the world matches the inner vision.
  16. JEALOUSY: wanting what the angels have.
  17. GUILT: holding oneself responsible for the lack of perfection in the world

Together, we shall continue to hold fast to that which is beautiful, compassionate, forgiving, grateful, honest, just, kind, loving, sacred, and true. - JD