Friday, November 14, 2014

A Truth About Passion

By Jon Dunnemann

Life at times can be difficult. It is filled with highs and lows, peaks and valleys or if you would prefer an even more common statement, it consists of a good many ups and downs. A glorious, never-ending picnic, always filled with your favorite delights and promises that is not the typical life for most of us.

Rather, living well requires great effort in order that it be made into something that we can each comfortably and proudly fit into. Sooner or later, there is a fair amount of heavy-lifting that must begin. Briefly, that means being intentional about pulling ourselves away from many forms of distraction, idleness, and at times routine.

Returning for a moment to the metaphor of a picnic, in that common setting there may come a threat of rain and with it an immediate need for shelter from a possible worsening storm. If that occurs, how will you respond?

Better yet, let us suppose that the eventual downpour contains the sweet sprinkling of a long awaited romance in the form of the love interest who has graciously joined you out there upon the splendor of the hillside and for whom you desire to become their true lover and protector. Do you already know how to embody courage, gentleness, and kindness? When we are ready to equip ourselves with these and other similarly high-meaning aspirations then and only then are we ready to fully ignite our passions and to align them with all of our actions in the pursuit of a 'true-calling'.

Whatever the work that must be performed, regardless of the target date for completion, the challenges that lie up ahead are far less likely to be viewed as a burden and more generally undertaken as a sacrifice towards something that deserves more than we can even imagine ourselves being capable of giving. Still, we mightily and willingly seek after this indescribable magic and mystery. Essentially, the reason why we are driven to do so is because someone or a singular idea, principle, or thing has at long-last become our 'most magnificent obsession'.

In this case, it all boils down to a natural law: that of cause and effect. It is not rocket science, Our passion is the quintessential element designed to be used to ignite our deepest powers from within. Thereafter, we are made abundantly capable of becoming our most productive self.

We also are more apt to end up liking ourselves. This in turn effectively leads us towards more greatly appreciating others which is then followed by our being even further blessed as we inevitably develop into individuals who are clearly more likable to others. Sweet isn't it?
Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night. 
- Terri Guillemets