Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seek After That Which Is Spiritual

by Jon Dunnemann

Live your life as one who has chosen to walk unobstructed and in the direction of truth.

Abstain from every form of evil. Do not permit yourself to seek after fame, glory, and other things that are of no lasting value.

If you should ever find yourself being victimized, ostracized, and left wondering I humbly appeal to you in the very name and spirit of all that is holy and sacred in this world, to continue onward steadfastly in the pursuit of what is most righteous and true.

Above all else, do not allow the manifestation of evil within yourself or to be the sort of being who would simply standby idly while cruelty is heaped upon others.

For your own protection, begin now to build a solid fortress of character around your heart. May you forever be well-equipped to best fight battles on behalf of those who come to depend on you for both their well-being and our collective sustainability.

In dark times, whereupon, bold, daring, and self-sacrificing examples are few and a cold, callous and deceitful kind of evil mindedness is a foot may you always remain aware, active and intentional about living your life in a manner that is deemed fruitful, life-affirming, nurturing, and universally pure thereby spreading the greatest measure of warmth throughout the entire world.

And if not you, then who shall I to turn too, to take on the responsibility of creating this greater good?

Seek always then, after that which is Spiritual! And in doing so, may a thousand blessings be fully bestowed upon you and those who you love.