Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Learn how to see without spiritual impairment exactly where you are

By Jon Dunnemann

Simply make peace with what is. - Rev. Patrick Cameron

It is increasingly becoming clear to me, that we are often precisely where we need to be despite our seeming spiritual farsightedness. In fact, there is a general tendency for many of us, myself included, to run in circles around what is at once a surprisingly perfect place for us to "fully be" or "blossom into being" whether it shows up in a significant personal relationship, a familiar family setting or in a place like your current job situation.

Why is it do you think that this condition of spiritual impairment is so often the case? Are some of us just more spiritually farsighted while others may appear to be at the opposite extreme finding themselves to be more spiritually nearsighted?

What is Spiritual Farsightedness

Though you may think that having spiritual farsightedness means that you can’t see all that far down the line, it actually means that it’s difficult to see things that are right in front of you. In a way, it kind of reminds me of the common mindset of many a young athlete who quite innocently thinks that they can only be at their very best once they eventually become bigger, faster, and stronger. All the while though, they overlook a wide range of possibilities that exist to "do good work" right there, right then; in the present moment.

An ongoing look at my life has revealed for me numerous examples of giving my attention to or either setting my sights on sometimes rather vague and far-off destinations, or instances of getting caught up thinking that a much heralded course, degree or seminar would ultimately make me more competent, expert, knowledgeable or worthy of being listened to. I have found out, though late, that this premise is fundamentally flawed largely because it is based on comparing my whatever small yet unique gifting, skills and talents to those of someone else and not being attentive enough to recognize and completely accept that "I am somebody" and that everything that I need will indeed be given over to me if "I truly seek to know" where to look.

If like me, you have grown displeased with being unable to see well then why don't you join me today, step-by-step, let's break free of being overly consumed by any underlying sense of insignificance, and therefore begin to set about finding our much needed corrective vision. We are all most deserving and inherently well-equipped enough to do any number of things that can serve to bring about lasting positive changes and personal satisfaction into our lives while at the same time producing a powerful energy and making an important impact on many of the other people that are around us who at times find it just as difficult to see clearly in these ever changing times.

The main reason that we experience spiritual farsightedness is simply because in our nature we are not perfect. However, like so many things that we experience in our lives this too can be self-corrected with an appropriate soul commitment and regular exercise.

What is Spiritual Nearsightedness?

Spiritual nearsightedness does not mean that you’re able to see things that are nearest to you really well.

Spiritual nearsightedness suggests that being able to see things at a distance is difficult for you. You may be able to note certain kinds of actions and behaviors and read books with no problem but street signs or sign posts warning of threatening dangers and distractions in life that are likely to occur further downstream generally appear blurry to you and often fail to get your proper attention.

One way to begin to improve your vision of life is to practice taking the time to focus more sharply on what you are thinking and desiring to do inwardly and outwardly. Using myself as an example, I would like to more effectively influence how people feel and respond to me based on the degree of gentleness, hospitality, and kindness that is exhibited through the thoughtful combination my behavior, decisions, and the level of respectfulness that is shown to others through my communications whether it is face-to-face contact, a telephone conversation or correspondence online or offline.

These are just some of the vital components that I want to be openly on display in my daily spiritual practice. It is grounded in the notion that no matter what your age is at the moment, you can always improve your actions in the way that you choose to connect with others as you traverse along your spiritual journey through life constantly aware of ego & higher self, offering empathy and compassion, and showing forgiveness, gratitude and humility towards others. For the most part, it all boils down to the retraining of your body, mind and spirit so that you are learning and practicing seeing with far more than your eyes alone.

With sound spiritual direction and spiritual exercises you can improve the way your consciousness works so that you can wisely correct any problem in how you attempt to see the world no longer limited by the symptoms that commonly stem mostly from a poverty of insight.

How are Spiritual Farsightedness and Spiritual Nearsightedness the same?

Both the conditions of spiritual farsightedness and spiritual nearsightedness are possible to improve with a number of tried and proven daily exercises designed to retrain your thought processes to focus properly over time.

You deserve a fair warning though that this kind of revisioning training program is not an over night cure for spiritual vision impairment problems. As with any other spiritual exercise program it does takes time to make noticeable improvements. Unfortunately, some people do not have the patience to stick with the exercises for the time it takes to improve the depth, power and range of their spiritual seeing.