Saturday, July 11, 2015

Adapt, Evolve, Become Better

By Jon Dunnemann

A little more than one year ago, I recall asking a disadvantaged twenty year old black youth who I was mentoring in the area of life skills where he possibly saw himself in the next five years. His response was either in prison or dead. I then asked him, "why do you have such a bleak outlook for the future?" He tried to explain to me that the majority of the black youth that he knew typically fell into these two categories or alternatively where either in a gang or unemployed.

This youth's life experience and general outlook at that point in time left me asking myself how can I contribute to changing and improving the prospects for urban youth in America? I think that any real and steady progress generally begins by encouraging youth to become heavily wrapped up in their (A)spirations, with (D)etermination, clear (A)ctions, a high level of (P)erformance, and the fullest possible utilization of their unique (T)alents.  In other words, we are called upon to significantly 'ADAPT'.

The careful review of most successful men and women whether it is in business, entertainment or sports will inevitably show that each individual ultimately began to make exceptional progress through their combined attention to and regular application of these important personal development factors.

Now is absolutely the best time to get started regardless of one's prior circumstances.

Those of us who have enjoyed favorable life experiences, possess strong leadership skills, and have the availability of time and a sincere concern for the well-being of others must recognize and hopefully continue to feel deeply compelled enough to participate in meaningful ways with making the lived experience for those who are less fortunate both an admirable, memorable and well supported one.

By doing so, we will then always find ourselves creating a much better tomorrow for everyone the world over. Thank you so very much for the wonderfully beneficial outpouring of your compassion, encouragement, and loving kindness.