Friday, July 24, 2015

Establishing Oneself

By Jon Dunnemann

Everywhere that I traveled has led me to Now.

Here, is the defining moment in my life. 

After an exhaustive labor of two plus years as a per diem employee, I have been generously rewarded with full time employment and the associated benefits. 

At this most critical stage in my development as a working professional I could not be more humbled and thankful.

Are there any mistakes that I've made thus far in my life? Definitely.

Have I further learned what is required of me so that I don't repeat them? Absolutely.

Do I intend to simply coast from this point forward as some might conveniently choose to do? No, because there's no room left in my life for that sort of mentality. 

More is required of each and every one of us if we honestly intend to live in a way that truly reflects our deepest commitment to being of service to others and too also most lovingly honor 'spirit'.  

Once we have been "graced by wisdom" then there's really only one way to go. 

As the biblical scripture verse in Proverbs 4:9 states,
She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace: a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee. 
Thusly, the important work of practicing and progressively becoming a blessing unto others is the pervading mission of thy heart. 

This is the Call. Sacred is this Call!!

Like the illustrious sun shining so brightly over everything these last few days, I desire that my actions be made to reflect a similar beauty, energy, and warmth that will permeate all of my interactions with others.

Through this rising awareness, I have found the birthing of a new self-identity along with a richly meaningful and more purpose-filled life.

Glory be to God. I shall rise up again!!