Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New York, London, Boston, Paris, and now Brussels

by Jon Dunnemann

Please consider this, we are all Brussels and an injury to a single soul anywhere does great harm to our one human family everywhere. The borders that previously existed have fast become mere illusions.

There is no just me, and there never really was any true separation in the deepest sense.

The real problem which is a global problem, lies in our insistence on continually seeking to create false lines of separation despite a spiritual intelligence that suggests completely otherwise. It is all so very futile and sad.

While it has certainly been said before permit me to say it once again, if we insist on foolishly and selfishly rebelling against our innate oneness inevitably we shall all perish because of our unquenchable anger, hatred, self-importance, and self-destruction.

New York, London, Boston, Paris, and now Brussels what a pity.