Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Willingness to Change

By Jon Dunnemann

Do you have a willingness to change?

Whatever your age, perspective, or past it takes courage to move into unfamiliar spaces.

This is especially true, if like me you grew accustomed to relying upon what others think-or gaining their acceptance.

While there's certainly nothing wrong or incorrect about trusting in others, given their possible expert knowledge, guidance-or wisdom gained through a life of experience.

On the other hand, it is altogether unnatural and quite possibly unreasonable for anyone to go through all of their life and failed to ever become empowered by making their own choices, supported by clear intentions, and bolstered by unique objectives. This is a big part of what it actual means to be human.

Your gifts, passion and path all belong to you.

Therefore, trust in yourself enough to choose who and what you are deeply committed to becoming. 

Be not denied your distinctiveness and don't be afraid to fail. Failures are more than anything opportunities to gain greater mastery over all that you are faced with. Without failures you would not be able to recognize victory.

A willingness to change is an invitation to greater authenticity, freedom, strength of character, and meaningfulness in your life.