Tuesday, May 10, 2016


By Jon Dunnemann

Can you kindly give me a minute and just listen to me? Because I feel as if I am having an epiphany.

Right now, I am in the midst of a jungle of words desperately trying to assemble a grand symphony of verbs.

I do not think that abstract concepts will do the trick. I had better speak to a reality that remains true through thin and thick.

Yeah I'm having some sort of epiphany realizing that life isn't always what its cranked up to be. But I want to be in it which I hope that you can plainly see. 

Because my divinely appointed mission is to create a great rhapsody. One that absolutely poses no harm to any of your extremities.

I hope that this epiphany can help to put your mind at ease and make it possible for you to better see the forest through the trees.

The fundamental message is this, we can each flow in rhythm no matter how little that we may think that we've been given. But this requires that we first learn to see through our harmful and selfish prisms.

My epiphany comes as a recognition that I must completely give away all that is left in me. To fully empty my spirit vault before I return home to the eternal sea.

Previously, I had no notion of how to describe this emotion to someone else. At times, it's like trying to explain locomotion to a person who is to afraid to ever be excitedly carried away.
Epiphany, epiphany where art thou? I have often anxiously waited and wished to know. Only to eventually learn that where thou art of course is always right here. Now. Without further suspense.

What an epiphany. Certainly not one that only belongs to me.