Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

By Jon Dunnemann

It's Father's Day all across America.

On this day we celebrate the person who more often than not is and should be the first good example in most of our lives of a compassionate adult male with a servant's heart.

Of course we all know that not every family or boy and girl is always blessed to have both their Mother and Father actively involved throughout their entire life for one reason or another.

Even in some of the worst of circumstances though there's usually a stand-in: Grandfather, Pop, Uncle, Father-in-law, Pastor, Coach or possibly someone else that is moved to make a young person feel cared for, safe, and secure.

There have been a number of men of this kind in my life and so to all men of such generous character that stood in the gap for a fatherless child, thank you and Happy Father's Day!!!