Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hardships in Life

By Jon Dunnemann

Hardship | Sean Doyle
Sisyphus and the Path to Meaning

Not for naught, but you will never gain real joy by simply settling on being what you think you ought to be.

Nor is significant achievement in life adequately measured by all of the things that you may have already bought or can buy. Generally, the greater treasure does not come until well after you have experienced the bitter taste of hardship; "experiences gathered through moments of crisis, conflicts, stress and strain; through moments of labor and rest; through moments of success, failure, joy and achievement." 

It is in this uncomfortable space that we come to realize the "true self " is the key concept that must be diligently sought after. However, it requires both a personal vision and an operating plan for which you must do the hard work to devise.

The basic plan itself should include details regarding the specific actions that you shall take to separate yourself from any lingering bad habits, falsities, or misguidance that could otherwise potentially lead to your foolish demise.

Rarely in life will you have the opportunity to design anything more enduring, focused, meaningful or purposeful than this. So be intentional in all of your efforts by making the successful completion of this task your loftiest wish.

Yes for something, an unmistakably passionate, well-fitting, and richly rewarding life.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love. ~ Rumi