Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stand Up 1st

By Jon Dunnemann

If you intend to start a movement with the expectation that others will follow you then you must be prepared to stand up 1st.

You stand up 1st to demonstrate what can and must be done.

You stand up 1st because I may not be able to emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually muster neither the courage nor the strength at this time.

You stand up 1st because whenever someone else is down it doesn't mean that they have been forgotten.

You stand up 1st because you already know that by taking a stand you will not stand alone for long.

When you do stand up 1st, I am better able to locate the will to grab hold of you, be made stable by your courage, purpose and strength, and to gradually rise up alongside you and thereby add another voice to the long overdue beckoning call for full acknowledgement, justice, understanding, and mutual respect.

Be the 1st to stand up.  And, I will search the very depth of my soul to find the strength required to join in standing beside you.