Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Obama's term ends soon. What does he leave behind?

By Jon Dunnemann

Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment. - Rene Dubos

He leaves behind an example of a man of color leading a powerful nation against all odds.

He demonstrated that a man must first be self-assured about what he stands for and yet humble enough to ask for the help of others upon recognizing that essentially every man's power is limited.

He has shown the world how vital it is for a leader of a country to be able to articulate to others why and how the vision that they have formulated through clear and deliberate thinking will better serve the previously unmet needs and rights of others.

He leaves behind for all people no matter their age, ethnicity, faith, gender or status the image of man who first and foremost loves his maker, honors and protects his family, and dutifully fulfills his responsibilities with a sense of fairness, hopefulness, and passion.

For these things we should all be enormously grateful. He has quietly managed to make America look strongest where it ultimately matters the most: in its core principles.

In my opinion, President Barack Obama has proven himself to be the right man to lead the country on many fronts during one of its most turbulent periods in recent American history.