Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Shape of Things to Come

By Jon Dunnemann

Outside my window some of the leaves on the trees are made to shimmer in the light summer breeze. The minds of those who still remain trapped inside are left to reluctantly brood and simmer wishing that they could somehow escape without a whimper.

Did their chance at freedom motor by long ago. Clearly, it is the answer to this question that they honestly do not know. Are they being foolish to idly sit by as if in wait or should they suddenly leap from their repose and brutishly crash the gate?

Just remember this, you can't catch a ride, a flight or a cool breeze without at least rising from your knees, if it is truly the inner self that you wish to please. And if after all of that, you still hope to have a real chance of capturing the boundless glimmer of the shape of things to come. Then let me remind you my friend that is why they call it summer fun.