Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why Not Give Love A Try

By Jon Dunnemann

All other economic-social-political-religious systems by any other name other than Love has ultimately proven to be a sad and utter failure. Maybe it is because we're a grossly immature species still greatly lacking in the important competencies needed to consistently, effectively, efficiently, equitably, and sustainably implement and properly support a human infrastructure that is simply built out of the continuum of Love: Love that is purposefully at-work in all that we do.

Here is a thought, let's stop trying to claim all the credit for our country, our gender, our political party, our race, our religion or our team. Also, let's stop blaming each other for our collective failure to-date.

Now this, I do believe, would be a very good place for us to start. You know, I think that I am starting to feel a breakthrough marvelously arising. 

More than ever before, what we all need is a methodology that we can firmly trust in. One that is grounded more in what is actionable rather than that which is theological. So why not give Love a try? You have got nothing to lose but possibly your repeatedly burdensome self-interest. So come on and join me and let's get into this by demonstrating peacefully for both ourselves and to others that we overwhelmingly trust in Love as the answer to our most difficult and shared challenges.