Monday, October 17, 2016

What Is Love For?

By Jon Dunnemann

Love is for sharing with others.

Love is for synchronizing our behaviors.

Love is for investing in another's well-being through a caring response and service.

Love is for producing a back and forth reverberation and union of energy between living things much like an electric charge.

Love is for creating a deep interpersonal resonance.

Love is for amplifying and synchronizing the biochemical changes that occur in our bodies when we give empathetic attention to each other-through smiles, the leaning in, and verbal and non-verbal expressions of genuine care and concern.

Love is the power that we are all designed to live off of and to harness.

Love is for igniting our latent potential for wisdom, unity, spirituality, purpose, peace, and good health.

Love is for everyone and everything that is both present and evolving in the world.

This I do believe is truly what love is for.