Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On Overcoming Economic Disadvantage

By Jon Dunnemann

When you are economically disadvantaged one of your most important objectives must be to persist in finding a way to escape ignorance despite being barred from the prospect of equal opportunity. Foremost among the most indispensable tools needed in the pursuit of one's personal development and liberation are the ability to read, write, speak and think critically, and a good book can often substitute for many a well paid tutor.

At the top of my short list of favorite books are the following: An Autobiography of a Yogi, Long Walk to Freedom Nelson Mandela, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas an American Slave, The Autobiography of Mohandas K. Ghandi - The Story of My Experiments with Truth, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X. After reading a few or all of these books no man can bare to remain unchanged.