Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear God,

Please grant to me a singular and inexhaustible thread of faith torn from the irregular, stained, and tattered cloth of your Son so that I might persist in learning how to spin it in a pleasing and delightful way and thereby produce a magnificent covering that provides comfort, protection, and reassurance to the disadvantaged, elderly, and tired and weak among us.

May a great increase in collective faith and determination also grow out from underneath this all inclusive blanketing of love, hard work, intention, and shared life experience.

I truly believe that the excellent outcomes of renewed hope, safety, and the improved well-being of others will be more than sufficient joy, meaning, and purpose for me in the remaining days of my life.

God, I love you and thank you for each and every day that you have given to me.

May Thy will be done on earth now, as it is in Heaven.