Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Come here to these United States of America having chosen to be one with all of humankind

By Jon Dunnemann

Come here to these United States of America having chosen to be one with all of humankind. Then join us in our continuing struggle to become a great nation brimming with sociocultural, philosophical, theological, and moral diversity of principles, practices, and human worth. We are a tapestry of peoples originating from every corner of the earth gathered together here as one: the Protestant, the Roman Catholic, the Mormon, the Jew, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Athiest, the Native peoples, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender, Disabled, and both rich and poor.

First and foremost, recognize that America by birthright belongs to the indigenous people who were here long before any European settlers knew of its existence. This is a simple fact. We still have a very long way to go in further mending the wounds that were inflicted on our nation's original settlers. Let us seize this moment in our shared history to embark on a nationwide campaign to esteem these important members of the great American frontier. They need us and we need to accept this challenge and responsibility for doing what is good and right for the American soul.

Through this deliberate practice we are likely to find a widening path toward more meaningful and lasting restorative justice as well as a far more durable template for the elimination of unnecessary addictions, cruelty, exploitation, greed, hatred, homophobia, human suffering, injustices, intolerance, immorality, poverty, prejudice, racism, self-destruction, selfishness, sexism and other tremendously degrading and costly human maladies of our modern times.

The United States of America has unfinished redemptive work to do at home. This work entails a balanced, focused, heartfelt, and self-fashioned and improved identity. I firmly believe that it can best be accomplished by enlisting the aspirations, hopes, imagination, and critical thinking of all members of our united family. Permit me to also propose that the American people be given the opportunity through the popular voting mechanism to elect a council of elders representative of academia, business, government, religion, etc. who would serve the people through a single, three year term and work to define the people's vision and therein develop a strategic plan that could be implemented across all areas of American public life. Of course such a great experiment would need to obtain adequate funding, include a phased implementation plan, and would have to be effectively evaluated and measured against its original outcome objectives and accurately and regularly reported on to the nation.

A communications infrastructure would have to be put in place to both engage and sustain citizen involvement in this value-added process of sociopolitical transformation. Quite possibly, local, state, and federal education grants combined with volunteer job skills training might help to make it an active, expansive, and ongoing cultural shift across all boundaries of American life most especially with the nation's youth and diverse faith organizations.

Crazier things have surely been contrived. However, part of being an American is choosing to make new history and this is often done by drawing on the great awakenings found in our past and by continuing to advocate for enhanced human rights, decency, and respect for others.

May we all be blessed with inner peace and longevity.

Kind regards.


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