Thursday, January 23, 2014

Who Am I? Am I Becoming My True Self?

According to Kabalarian Philosophy, my birthday of January 24, 1955 reveals the following birthpath:

You are a 9 birthpath.

Description of your 9 Birthpath

Your potential is of the highest, visionary level; your purpose is to be a leader and teacher, inspiring and instructing others. You must first learn to control your emotions, develop your intellect, seek a philosophy of life, and live to serve humanity along the path of wisdom. Your potential signifies a universal love for all through service expressing generosity, idealism, affection, and kindness. 
Because of the sensitivity and idealism of your inner nature, you could be easily influenced through your emotions. It is important to use logical analysis in every situation to avoid being drawn too personally into the problems of others. Otherwise your own health could be jeopardized through a sympathetic condition that could affect your nervous system. Your role is to teach others the principles that will lead to a better understanding of human mind and potential, health, happiness, and the attainment of success on all levels. 
Poetic and literary creativity, musical accomplishments, or artistic expression could result from an interpretation of your intrinsic, inspirational abilities. You would be happiest in positions where you could serve humanity no matter what race, color, or creed, as in institutions of a charitable or educational nature. You could also excel in drama and design. 
Your happiness and fulfillment would be the result of what you accomplish in helping others. The development of a universal perspective of life would nullify any tendency to be over-critical, temperamental, or expecting too much praise and appreciation for your efforts. You must have an ideal and a constructive outlet for your creative, imaginative inner nature.

What do you think? Am I living my purpose? I certainly hope that I have found the way to my "birthpath" at this most important stage in my personal and professional life.

Kind regards.