Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Dream Deferred

Maybe like an untreated ailment it turns into cancer, then slowly and steadily it robes you of an organ or in the case of a dream, you may end up being deprived of an essential talent: "Your giftedness."

For more than forty years, I have been shown by others how to do a great many things. I must confess to all that I have bungled a number of things too, but the one thing that I regret not learning well or much earlier is how to love. Because of this, I believe that I ended-up contorting myself into someone unlovable. If one side-steps being formulated into loving-kindness then they have a tendency to mistakenly and unnecessarily hurt others. This should be avoided.

It really was not until after losing our first child, Jonathan at eleven years old, followed by accepting the reality of having to live as an adult with anxiety and depression, and nearly destroying my marriage multiple times that I desperately began looking for the answers that I needed and that no one else could provide.

Today, I am capable of confirming for myself when I am traveling on the right road. Still, it can and does become rough terrain in places but at least now I am spiritually mature enough to accept that the journey is far from being over and that this too shall pass.

It is in the off road spaces of life where we run the greatest risk of becoming broken, mistakenly choose an addiction, flat out give up, or lay ourselves face down in the middle of life's speedway having chosen to just die. It is true, once the serpent of despair releases its toxic venom into our consciousness, the horrible pain overwhelmingly interrupts our breathing, forces our eyes tightly shut and then it is exceedingly difficult to maintain the wherewithal to still reach out, locate, and grab hold of that innate internal mechanism which controls all energy, light and eternal truth.

As divine beings we have an obligation to be intimately familiar with the look of affliction that often emerges out of despair. Much like the Hemlich Maneuver everyone can be taught how to prevent the accidental, self-destruction, and possible death of the soul of another person by offering a connective heart and empathically standing in until more help arrives and thereby preventing the precious life of an otherwise fallen child from becoming completely lost due to immense fear or loneliness.

Do not let the fear of embarrassment, inadequacy, ignorance, unfamiliarity or your own personal struggles ever prevent you from swiftly heeding the life-threatening call or the brief moment of necessity to respond to the heartcry of an afflicted soul once discovered.

There in that moment, lies your freedom, salvation, and the greatest triumph that can ever be offered, accepted, and harvested between you, the stranger among us, and the Almighty Creator of us all.

Go deep, hold fast, and let Spirit reign supreme! I assure you that It will do Its work through you. All that is required of you and I is an instinctive willingness of heart and the complete emptying of well of self. All of your needs must be given over to the critical need of lifting up he or she that has fallen.

When no one else will do, I call upon you to please, let go of your ego, let the love flow and just lean into that magnificent moment of restoration!