Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Senior Year A Breeze

In my senior year at Clifford J. Scott High School it felt good not to have the Bagpipe, the B.C.D. club, or dreams belonging to someone else to carry upon my back and there was also the added letting go of remaining in a house with eleven other men, thank you very much.

So my last year in high school ended up included just three things, football, basketball and an  all out full court press on studying hard enough to pull up my grades more so that I could possible gain admission to a decent college and where I could pursue my developing interests.

One of our most talented football players on the team, Daniel Butler and his Mother, Mrs. Jessie Butler, felt for quite some time that I a needed a far more nurturing home setting.

Mrs. Butler as a working single Mother was very gracious, loving, and happily became my 3rd and final legal guardian while I was still at Clifford J. Scott High School. I was blessed with the opportunity to continue living with the Butler family throughout most of high school and on up until I graduated from Holy Cross College with a B.A. in Sociology in May of 1978.

Danny was later the best man at my wedding in June of 1980 and my 23 year old son is also named Daniel.