Sunday, February 2, 2014

To my beloved friends and family,

As you look at this blog, I am sure that you cannot help thinking at times, "what the heck is going on here". I wish I could give you a brief and simple answer. But that is not going to happen. Not now anyway.

This blog is a combination of my cognitive thinking, moments of contemplation and radical playtime. I'm still mixing, matching and hatching ideas around the things that I thought I understood as well as those that are not yet entirely clear to me.  To some extent, I am also trying to show emotional, mental and spiritual progression through written narrative form and visual-imagery. Each day this blog searches across the global internet news network to locate and present stories right here that touch on issues of character, ethics, morals, and values. They are meant to serve as a backdrop for collective dialogue, "the elemental forms of religious life", and the expansion of universal wisdom and interpersonal-skills development.

While currently operating on a poor man's budget, self-education is my only option for further development and to some extent it does limit the scope of my tool-set. My every day practicum largely takes place in a hospital setting where I am working on a per diem basis. In all of my relationships with patients, staff and volunteers I am consistently attempting to improve upon my attitudes, behavior, communications, professional conduct and thereby practice the very principles that I continue to actively research, regularly write about and seek to gain mastery over so that I might eventually lead others by my example.

Others refer to such efforts as a never-ending process. It is one in which I fully expect to be able see and evaluate progress for myself and ultimately to demonstrate the same to both you and others. I am a self-correcting person on a mission to be well-integrated. I am also deeply honored and would like very much to continue to have the opportunity to share some of my personal thoughts, feelings and ideas with you. It is my hope that you will remain interested in this one man project on how one can best attempt to help themselves in evolving into a more enlightened, productive and happy human being.  Together, if we are really fortunate we may have the wonderful privilege of helping one another along with others as well.

Your input is always most welcome and greatly appreciated. Every good that I know, have done, and may do in the future is as a result of the investment of time and shared wisdom with or given to me by others.

Feel free to share what you find here with others. If you have been made an author on this blog then go ahead and pick a value and a recent article to launch a dialogue on the subject! Be brave!! Be a valuable force for good in the world!!!

Thank you.

Many blessings.