Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I Have Often Truly Forgotten Who I Am

By Jonathan Dunnemann

Roughly, I ride over the traverse of small beginnings hoping to catch a glimpse of the forgotten, the unforeseen or some other withering possibility.

Upon discovery, I naively ask myself what more can be done to accordingly anchor ultimate fulfillment?

Adoringly, I rub these hands of mine over the object of my possession as if to remove any sense of ordinariness or dullness. Suddenly, it occurs to me that this may well be where we all first err.

For a thing, is as it is long before it is ever found. Thus, to alter or to lay claim to another is as if to reform it into something which best suits my purpose, my needs or my selfish desires.

We may name it for our convenience; a jewel, a ruby, a mineral, a sacred stone or weapon. 

Inevitably, its true nature gets diminished and like so many things in life its elemental value becomes suppressed and ultimately under appreciated.

This I do believe would be less likely to happen where it not for the fact that from time to time while engaged in the theater of life I have often truly forgotten who I am.