Friday, April 25, 2014

Watch Out For Potholes

By Jonathan Dunnemann

As a consumer-driven society we are pretty well accustomed to shopping for and purchasing just about anything and everything we need to add to the niceties of the so called 'good life'.

Unfortunately, there is also a built in tendency to delude ourselves into thinking that if we just surround ourselves with the correct or a sufficient number of things or people that we will be able to set our lives in wonderful order.

If you inadvertently fallen into this 'pothole' of sorts let me just say, be not alarmed. Wherever you currently find yourself there is a way out of all the craziness. What it entails is reconstructing your balance from the inside out.

Does anyone remember being taught this subject matter in elementary school. I certainly don't. Then again it was quite common for me to be somewhere else when the teacher was talking. However, what life is showing me especially now that I am working with disadvantaged youth on a full time basis, is that we are the greatest resource for ourselves and its as a result of having available to us an inner navigational pull towards a distinct and yet dynamic direction. Whether it is an inner magnetic force or the divinity implanted in us before our birth, we don't need to debate this as it becomes a distraction and then to much of a preoccupation. Just chew on this, there is and always will be that very special something in life that only you can do. Look for it! Your capacity to flourish in this life depends upon it. Ironically, it is never too early or too late to go after it. In the most whimsical way it may actually have already found you.

Just like the person in the video below. You as a spiritual being present in the world right here and right now must continue to seek after and find the course, path or track that you were designed to ride. It is the direction that will serve you best in your further development.

If I decided to jump on to your bike and attempted to run your race I'd most likely fail, end up on my rear-end or possibly worse. It is you who are most uniquely qualified to respond to the call that sounds from within. If by chance you ended up becoming momentarily confused, don't sweat it. Use this time to discern whether you are running your chosen race or if you are in the rat race and simply running around in circles and getting nowhere fast and faster like an awful lot of the other contestants in life.

You've absolutely got a mission. Find it and then begin laying out a sound plan that better prepares you to finish well, achieving the goals that you have set for yourself? Without a plan you are just ordinary. With a plan, your plan, you can ride your way to becoming extraordinary.

So, full speed ahead and keep your eyes on the road!