Saturday, April 19, 2014

You really need to be what I do

By Jonathan Dunnemann

If I chose to be you, what would I really need to do?
What difficult things must I possibly go through.

Are you surrounded by family and friends both there to protect you?
Quite possibly, you are part of a crew that you can always run too.

Is your father your hero or does he simply rate a zero?
Has he failed at giving time to you or come up short in providing any deniro?

You are trying so hard to avoid thinking that you're some sort of reject.
Yet, every now and then, you feel overwhelmingly shipwrecked.

Hold it, take a deep breath, it ain't over yet.
Help is in suit, to dismiss all threat.

We're getting up and out of here, and now, together.
Like, forever.

You really need to be what I do.
Can you feel me?