Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thank you for the continuing life that I have been given

By Jonathan Dunnemann

The last 3 days here in Southern New Jersey have been absolutely spectacular.

Each, has been filled with blue skies, a sparsity of clouds, and the smell of the first cut grass of spring.

New life is bustling and bursting from all corners.

Birds, numerous in color, and with a variety of song serenade us from dawn to dusk.

Signs of the Master's work are seen in all things flowing, flourishing, and well provided for.

As an overseer, as one of God's stewards, I hope and pray that my gratitude for being able to witness the fullness of life in this world is most evident.

What an honor and privilege it is to be able to hear, taste, touch, see, and smell so many wonders.

May I always remember to be generous with my time, to share the daily portion that I am given no matter how seemingly small, to deeply respect and value the preciousness of all that exists in the world, and to never see myself as being more important than any other person no matter their beliefs, traditions or worldview.

Our lives, I believe, are made all the richer the more that we are able to discern what is the most important, loving and unselfish thing to do in every situation.

While everyone from time to time is unfortunately exposed to bad behavior, habits, and people there is so much more good about life and these are the very things in life that we should remain aware of and continuously direct our attention towards.

Go ahead and take a good look around wherever you are and I am confident that you too will be able to both perceive and marvel over something wonderful.

The next time that you look at yourself in the mirror, smile back at your image. Because believe it or not, you are one of the lucky ones, you're here now, alive and kicking.

There are millions of people that would give anything just to have one more day living in their own shoes.

Be grateful that you are a person standing in your own shoes.

Now go forth and kick up some dust!!!