Monday, June 16, 2014

All About Being

You have been born a human being
This gives you the potential for self-awareness and self-reflection.
If you apply yourself and persist you may discover the truth.
Everyone does this in his or her own way.
The answer is less important than the quest.
The truth is that you are consciousness, love, and wisdom in a body.
You will not always occupy this body; it is only temporary.
Everything is only temporary.
But if you identify yourself with truth, with what you really are,
You have no need to be attached to this temporary event, this personal life.

You have been born a human being, but you are really consciousness and love.
You are really connected with All.
You really are a part of God.
God inhabits you and is all around you.
It is unspeakable, indescribable, because the reality is
Beyond description and symbols of any kind.
Everything you do, think, feel, possess, and strive for
Is merely a pale imitation of what is important.
You and I are born here in this world, in this life to realize truth,
To discover ourselves and know the Divine.
There is nothing else.

You have been born a human being
Existing between your birth and your death.
In all this wandering through life this is the crucial question,
Not whether you can survive, eat, find shelter,
Seek pleasure, accrue wealth or knowledge,
But whether you can find out who you are.
It is all about being.

- Richard Harvey