Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Far Can We Go?

As a person, I firmly believe that more is possible. I don't necessarily buy-into the school-of-thought that professes "anything and everything imaginable is possible."

Most definitely, we all have some limitations. If we're smart, we will seek to identify them for ourselves and smartly listen to the frank and caring wisdom of others as to what they may have already observed and we have yet to see. With these combined perspectives we then have an opportunity to choose what we think we must do with all of the information that we managed to gather.

Throughout my life, I have fought hard to be more than a child born out of wedlock, poor, black, hyperactive, insecure, skinny, selfish or lacking in love and spiritual insight. It is quite probable in my psyche that this futile battle will never be won. However, I am still able to live with this personal challenge. Because I recognize that there are lessons to be learned as each page turns in my continuing life story.

Just like you, my hope is for the journey to end well. What this looks like is this, my actions were congruent with my often stated purpose, aspirations, intentions and goals. The very ideas, projects, the events themselves and other things that I both talked about and regularly participated in must be the final evidence that my efforts were becoming increasing clear and more focused.

Whether or not I actually accomplish all that I set out to do was never the end game in and of itself. Rather, I would prefer to be understood as an individual who was steadfast in his efforts to be formed into a deceit example to others on how to keep running towards the finish-line no matter how many times stumbling may have seemed the norm.

At this stage in the game, my advice to someone much younger than myself is to train yourself: mind, body and spirit to go as far as your dreams will carry you and in the course of doing so, to truly believe that you have everything that you need to effectively arrive at the answers to your most pressing questions about how to best live your life.

Thank you for stopping by.

Many blessings.
Jon Dunnemann