Thursday, June 19, 2014


By Jonathan Dunnemann

I need to get out of this mess.
Start living a life far different from the rest.

There’s no good reason why my life should be over at 24.
That is of course unless I lack the courage to walk out the door.

Up until now, I may not have done everything exactly just right.
But let me assure you that my mind is still wrapped pretty tight.

No, I do not want to be a hipster, a gangster, or even a prankster.
I just want the respect that comes along when other people say thank you sir.

Just go ahead and tell me how I might actual get that?
Does it only become available to those who aspire to be a fat cat?

Maybe there’s a way for me to be even bolder.
Living a new life without having to look over my shoulder.

That would be neat, that would be sweet.
Can you imagine that day when I can finally get off the street?

Yeah, I want to get out of this mess.
Break free of all the duress.

So tell me, where do I go now to take the test?