Friday, June 20, 2014

This Land Ain't Your Land

Words provided by Jonathan Dunnemann and original music by Woody Guthrie


This land ain't your land, give the indigenous people their due

From the tip of Florida, right on up to New England too

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific shore

This land was stolen along with a hell of a lot more

As I was ambling just the other day

I decided to express myself in a entirely different way

I see a pattern here of simply changing the facts

And that's why so many of us seem to have gotten off track

This land was stolen its so painfully true


Indigenous people have been bambuzzled and hoodwinked

while others sought to learn how to do the same thing too

That's why their children feel like they're living in the valley of shame

This land was stolen and the facts altogether are just that plain


The wise elder knows how much has been lost

Their languages and names all at such a great cost

The forest, the medicine man were all once revered

Now these things are generally looked upon by others as just being weird

This land was stolen and yet no one complains


As I was ambin' - I saw a sign right there

And that sign said - All Welcome Inn'

But on the other side said, No Indians, No Coloreds, No Jews, No Gays, No Muslims for that's a sin!

Now that side was made up just for you and me!

This land was stolen, now don't you see?


Out in the suburbs - just past the town square

Near the golf course - I don't see any of my people over there

And some folks are beaming, boasting, and laughin'

Cause they know they wouldn't have any of this land if that stuff had never happened

Chorus (2x)