Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A New Covenant

  1. IN THE END, the last days of others became the first days for us! ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD--the Love that rescued us from oppression and ignorance! 
  2. And to all future generations of Hip Hop, know this; it is the Love that has delivered this gospel to OUR PEOPLE for OUR correction and survival. This gospel comes to us as the physical manifestation of GOD's grace and love for Hip Hop. 
  3. I am but one of many who was saved by such Love. In my time (your past) I am called teacha; I was present at the first time. I am the first born. I am from the Age of Leo, and I have come to call our Hip Hop nation into existence. 
  4. To all future generations of Hip Hop, I am the b-boy who destroys all negative circumstances everyday spiritually. 
  5. I am the emcee who reaches above poverty skillfully; the divine word-warrior known in my time as the Blast Master
  6. I am the graffiti writer who thinks and grows spiritually; I draw peace, love, unity and joy. 
  7. I am the DJ who delivers justice while cuttin', mixin' and scratchin' with life. 
  8. I am the beat boxer whose body expresses art through sound; I play GOD's instrument. 
  9. I am the fashion that uncovers the fear and shame hidden in oppressive nations. 
  10. I am the language that loves and never gets understanding amongst grown-up educators; I am the utterance of my culture. 
  11. I am known as Knowledge Reigning Supreme; I build and destroy, heal and inspire with the right combination of words. 
  12. I am the [inner]preneur who presents expert negotiating that repeatedly escapes poverty's routine experiences, never exploiting unlimited resources. 
  13. In my time I am self-created and self-sustained. I AM HIP HOP! I am not just doing hip-hop, I am Hip Hop! I am the Watchman in the tower of Hip Hop's Inner City urging my people to turn from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty, and be restored to health, love, awareness and wealth. I am "the Teacha"--a witness to the activity of GOD within and around Hip Hop.
The verses quoted above are from The Gospel of Hip Hop first Instrument presented.