Thursday, August 14, 2014

There Really Is A Positive Message In Hip Hop

14. I was present at the beginning of this World Age, ..., and I was again present at the births and transformations of Hip Hop since its artistic organization at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx, August 11, 1973. I am a true witness to the divinity and cultural history of Hip Hop. Hip Hop is my family, I am like the people I teach, I am like the people I am among, and I am not ashamed or afraid of my family--I AM HIP HOP!
15. In my time (your past), I am called the "conscience of Hip Hop." I am the step-father and legal guardian of Hip Hop. This, I confirm to those truth-seeing Hip Hop scholars in my future. Emceein is my craft and I have mastered my craft. I am Hip Hop and in my time I have mastered my self.
16. To all my hustlers, thugs and gangstas trying to survive in these mean streets, this is YOUR gospel! To all my Gods, Goddesses, revolutionaries, street scholars, and conscious Hiphoppas, this is YOUR heritage and birthright! This is the "good news" for YOU! All PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD--the Love that loved us first as Hip Hop.
17. GOD IS REAL! And Hip Hop is evidence of GOD's real existence and Love. Hip Hop is GOD's response to our suffering and this gospel celebrates that response and the personal character that caused such divine responses to occur. ALL PRAISE, GLORY AND WORSHIP BE TO GOD--the Love that topples whole kingdoms and sets up new civilizations from the debris of the unrepentent!
18. We are humbled before GOD--the author of HIP HOP. Other cultures and nations were created in other ways for other reasons and have certain divine responsibilities that  they must adhere to. Other cultures have a certain grace over their communities and we are not authorized, nor do we encourage, to demean or disrespect in any way the faith and/or religious practices of others.
19. But as for us, as for our group commonly known in the World as "Hip Hop," this gospel acknowledges and celebrates the Love that has saved OUR people from self-destruction. It is time to repent and grow up! Rapping about crime and murder may sound good amongst those who have never committed such acts, but for those of us who are REAL IN THE FIELD, we send this message to our young people--YOU DON'T REALLY WANT IT!
20. For with this first instrument we remember GOD and how we were rescued by unseen forces more powerful than any government on Earth. For when all seemed hopeless and oppression seemed permanent, a caring, protective, nurturing creative force independent of all the World's political, business, educational and religious institutions, swept through our hearts and homes and we were rescued from sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty with a behavior that we eventually began to call "HIP HOP." And we must NEVER forget this.  
The verses above are from The Gospel of Hip Hop first Instrument presented.