Monday, December 14, 2015

Take My Hand, Precious Lord

by Jon Dunnemann

For the last several weeks, I have been deeply contemplating my next steps as a spiritual being, husband, father, brother, employee, friend, leader, mentor, teacher and wisdom seeker. Many will say, that I have already traveled quite a distance from where I once began. Why can't you just relax and be content where you are? 

Because there's this inner sense that I am not where I am supposed to be and that I am not as yet impacting the very people that my life can best speak to. So the challenge for me is to figure out how to still continue to go forward, to climb up a little higher, and to take on even rougher challenges absent inward fear and hesitation. No excuses.

My mission in the new year is to land in the right spot with an organization that highly values my management experience, my creativity, and requires my unrelenting commitment to facilitating the kind of actions that foster in youth deep awareness, inner calm, unity, equality, justice, and peace in the world through their selfless, compassionate, kind, and untiring public service to others.

Now take my hand, precious Lord. Lead me on!