Monday, February 15, 2016

Taking Pause

Dear Family and Friends,

Effective mid March, my existing job position with Patient Satisfaction is being eliminated. Thankfully, I have been offered the choice of taking severance or accepting another job. Having gone through a similar situation just four years ago with Deutsche Bank, I have decided to take the lesser job this time and to try and make the best of this situation.

There's much to learn in the new position and the opportunity exists for me to become certified in Patient Access Services. For these reasons, I have decided to take pause from the use of all forms of social media (i.e., facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) for the time being starting on Monday, Feb 15th 2016.

It is very important in times of significant change to always make sure that we have got our priorites straight. Right now, tremendous focus and discipline are key.

Stay warm and try your very best to always be a kind and loving person. 

Many blessings.