Sunday, April 24, 2016

Go Ahead and Make My Day

By Jon Dunnemann

A few days ago, a young women visited our Emergency Department because she accidentally stepped on a rusty nail.

There seemed to be something about her that was familiar to me but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. However, upon looking at her male companion it became clear to me. They had both been to our hospital before. In fact, as I recall the woman actually had to be admitted as an inpatient and nearly died from alcoholism, depression, and malnutrition.

Now she looked absolutely amazing, with a gorgeous smile, and a healthy amount of weight on her bones. Her words to me were, "I don't remember very much from the last time that I was here but I am told that you were very kind to me and I just wanted to say thank you." I replied by saying that, "the honor was all mine and you look great." "Whatever you are currently doing, please keep doing it!"

Then I went on to tell her that my impression of the gentleman with her is that he is a very good human being who loves her tremendously and that seeing the two of them together totally made my day.

During those rough days in the past I told her companion that I would pray for her while she remained hospitalized after seeing just how devoted and worried he was over the prospect of actually losing her, and I did keep my word.

Now, here we all were enjoying her improved health, happiness, and the powerful vibrancy of their love for each other even though she was presenting with foot pain. Honestly, it all gave me goosebumps. I am just so very grateful to have had the privilege of witnessing such extraordinary love, healing, and hope.