Monday, April 25, 2016

Watch Out For Potholes

By Jon Dunnemann

As a consumer-driven society we are all pretty well accustomed to shopping for and purchasing just about anything and everything that we need in order to add to the niceties of the so called 'good life'.

Unfortunately, there is also a built in tendency for us to delude ourselves into thinking that if we just surround ourselves with the correct or at least a sufficient enough number of material things or special people that we will then somehow be able to set our lives in wonderful order.

If you have inadvertently fallen into this 'pothole' of sorts let me just say, be not alarmed. Wherever you currently find yourself there is still a way out of all the craziness. What it entails however is reconstructing your balance from the inside out in accordance with one's true or core self.

Does anyone remember being taught about this subject matter in middle or high school. I certainly don't. Then again, it was more common for me to be somewhere else when the teacher was talking. But what life is recently showing me now that I am largely focused on working in close, trustworthy, and credible relationships with youth is that we can become a much greater resource for ourselves and it is because we are each supremely designed with an inner navigational pull towards a distinct and yet dynamic direction. Whether it is a physical inner magnetic force or the divinity implanted in us before our birth, we don't need to debate this point as it often just becomes a needless distraction and unproductive preoccupation.

Just chew on this for a moment. There is, and always will be something very special in life that only you or I can do. Therefore, look unceasingly for it! Your capacity to flourish in this life deeply depends upon it. Ironically, it is never too early or too late to go after or to grab hold of it. In the most whimsical way this thing, purpose or calling may actually have already found you. Generally, it is right there within you fully awaiting your self-awareness, self-compassion, and fresh perspective-taking capacity.

Focusing more completely on your authentic direction is what will ultimately serve you best by giving you clarity of identity, emotions, motives and goals along the continuum of your personal development.

If I decided to jump on to your bike and attempted to run in your race for self-activation and self-monitoring I'd most likely fail, end up on my rear-end or possibly worse. It is for you and only you who are most uniquely qualified to respond to the inner passion and will that sounds from within the center of your being. If by chance or circumstances you discover that you have become confused, don't sweat it. Use this time to begin discerning whether you are running your chosen race or if you are simply running yourself ragged in the fruitless rat race of consumption, disconnectedness, and meaninglessness.

You've absolutely got a personal life mission conjoined to your passion, dreams, and values. Find it, and then begin laying out a sound learning plan that better enables you to effectively complete your learning agenda, and finish well by marrying your actions to your beliefs, values, and gifts. Without such a learning plan, you can still manage to live a relatively ordinary life. With it, on the other hand you can faithfully ride your way to victory by becoming an extraordinarily rich soul.

So now, it's full speed ahead, keep your eyes on the road, and watch out for those potholes!