Sunday, January 29, 2017


By Jon Dunnemann

Strewn across what were once blank pages here are the choice words from my stirred up soul.

It cries and hollers aloud, with heavy etchings of noise and fury carved up into neat little stories of my misadventures in principles away from the crowd. Some will remain forgotten while others are repeatedly being revisited or fashionably reworked.

Like a voice being shaped into notes, scribbled, then assembled, and orchestrated into a crafty fate that captures the attention of others so that they too may hear more of what it wishes to propose through all that it has struggled so arduously to compose.

And here it is, laid out for all to see, the troubling life and times of one man's misguided journey. Lifted from memory, placed on full display, and ready to be criticized and italicized, even though not easily recognized for what it must truly be: a lingering calamity. No more left, nothing exactly right. lost in hiding, though quite burdened still by the anxious prospect of other people's chiding. I tell ya, it is time to face the music out of the fear of forever losing it.

Like the tempestuous strike of fool's gold I have discovered that I can not just simply leave well enough alone. Therefore, I set about to climb on top of my high horse, gallop out into the open field, and when in an unfamiliar place to have my sordid life fully revealed. Yes, right there out in that wide open space is where I finally became totally undone. Because this recurring nightmare of a dream has not at all been the least bit fun. But it's okay because today I am complete. I have decided to finally share this awkward truth for me, for you, and for everyone else to avoid a repeat.

Alas, I dare say, it feels pretty damn good to be reawakened my friend. On such an important matter as this, I can assure you that I do not pretend. Sometimes we have to lose first before we can win. Go now my brother, my sister, and ride like the wind!