Monday, February 13, 2017

Time Immemorial

By Jon Dunnemann

Time touches, traces, and slyly invades the very spaces of every human possibility that each one of us at times unpreparedly faces.

And yet, time also permits us all to sore along its glorious jetstream to the most wondrously new and unfamiliar places.

Miraculously, we find ourselves living on the very edge of stability while equally accompanied by the keenest sense of sublime fragility.

There is no need for time to stand still. I say, keep it forever coming over every single mountain and over every hill.

Dare I ever ungratefully suggest, that I shall go most willingly to an eventual and long-awaited rest.

No, not until after I have been tediously put to the test will I finally be satisfied in having known that I faithfully did my very best.