The Artist

A poem by Jonathan Dunnemann
It is the strong yearning within the artist that leads them to find a format for focusing, unveiling, and sharing their passion through the arts.

The things that they are able to draw out of the depths of their soul become the smooth cheese, sweet fruits, and soothing wine that we learn and love to savor.

Without the Artist, humanity would starve from spiritual hunger and surely buckle at the knees from the weight that is placed upon us in a world where we regularly face fear, hatred, loss, pain and self-induced suffering.

The Artist’s work lifts us up to that highpoint where our wings unravel, our souls take flight, and inwardly we are assisted in gallantly being set free.

Out of the birthing experience of a dance, a poem, a sculpture or song we are enabled to catch hold of the courage to go forward, thereby greeting each day while gratefully wearing a smile that we might otherwise have failed to uncover.

This is the substance of the Artist’s special gifts and talents.

May the Artist in you, continue to create that which makes a heart flutter with joy.